Hanteo Global, ‘Cindy Sketch 2021’ video released Cover performances such as BTS-IU, ‘eyes.’

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The video of ‘Cindy Sketch 2021’ has started to be released.

Since the 16th, Hanteo Global has been releasing live clips and interview videos of promising indie artists through the YouTube channel of ‘Cindy Sketch 2021’.

‘Cindy Sketch’ is an indie musician support project hosted by Cindy Ticket Lounge and the Korea Music Label Industry Association and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. In 2021, it was conducted to provide an activity window for indie musicians who have had reduced performance opportunities due to the corona crisis and support the production of video content that can satisfy the cultural thirst for live performances to the public.

In particular, in 2021, Hanteo Global Co., Ltd. promoted the global growth of indie artists. This ‘Cindy Sketch’ video, which was conducted for a global target, was produced so that the worldwide fandom could enjoy it by supporting various foreign language subtitles.

In addition to their songs, each artist approached the global fandom with a different sensibility by covering songs of various K-pop artists such as BTS and IU and pop artists such as Troy Sivan.

The ‘Cindy Sketch’ video was posted on ‘WhosfanTV,’ a YouTube channel operated by ‘Whosfan,’ a K-pop fandom platform with a global fandom of 6.5 million, and exposed to transnational fandoms with high interest in K-Culture.

Currently, on the ‘WhosfanTV’ channel, LeeToday, G_Nyang, Ochu Project, Bobae’s videos have been uploaded, and later Yoda-young, Rainbow Note, April Second, So Nak-byul, Prudence, It’s Humming, Seong Hae-bin, A video of the seesaw will be released.

Meanwhile, as the operator of Hanteo Chart and Whosfan, Hanteo Global has been leading various artists’ global advancement and growth, including K-pop, through global platforms. Recently, as part of ESG management, social contribution activities such as indie band marketing projects are being carried out to help artists of various genres.

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