BTS V, No. 1 in Japanese Popularity Ranking Syndrome Popularity Solo

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BTS’ V won first place in all categories of various ranking polls held in Japan, shining a syndrome-like popularity.

From November 28th to December 4th, in the ‘K-Pop Male Idol Ranking’ vote conducted by ‘Nehan,’ a popular Japanese idol ranking site, V won 18,873 votes and ranked first for 88 consecutive weeks. Is guarding During the same period, on the Korean actor popularity ranking site ‘Bihan,’ a total of 205 Korean male actors in their 20s were voted on, and they broke a fantastic record of winning first place for 84 consecutive weeks.

In addition, in the ‘K-Pop Handsome Idol’ poll conducted by K-board, a media that handles K-culture of various genres, he took first place for 44 consecutive weeks, aiming straight at fans’ hearts as the representative K-pop visual runner.

In the ‘General Election for Male Actors in Korean Dramas in their 20s’, held for about four months on the site, he was also ranked first with 66% of the votes. As a soloist and actor, his talent, beautiful appearance, and lovely personality are admired, and he is running on a concrete road to popularity.

In ‘KPOP JUICE,’ which handles K-pop idol rankings and audition information, ‘K-pop idol popularity ranking top 100’ ranked first in the daily, monthly, and all-time No. boasting

V has the highest number of mentions as an individual artist, beating Japanese stars on social media, and is receiving as much attention and love as Japan’s top celebrities. As a wannabe star of Japanese men, many Japanese men of the MZ generation follow V not only in his hairstyle and fashion but also in his facial expressions and way of speaking.

Japan is a vast market generating massive profits with little resistance to various paid content. It is evaluated that V-related dramas and entertainment programs aired on OTT in Japan contribute to generating profits by ranking first in viewership ratings. Japanese media rushed to report that V, the most popular drama in Japan, contributed to her popularity by attracting K-pop fans to K-drama.

The drama Hwarang, in which V appeared only once, is often aired on Japanese TV. Hwarang consistently ranks first in viewer ratings. The entertainment program ‘In the Forest: Friendship Trip,’ in which V appeared with his best friend, Wooga Family, also ranked first in viewer ratings on Disney Plus in Japan.

On the other hand, after the news that V is filming a new variety show in Mexico, the Japanese archipelago is showing high expectations with excitement.

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