Neptune to invest 8.1 billion won in shares in Deep Studio

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Neptune made an additional investment in Deep Studio, a company that nurtures digital idols. It is the second investment following August of last year, with a cumulative total of 8.1 billion won, and the stake has also increased from about 6% to about 20%.

Neptune also secured the right to create content using digital humans produced by Deep Studio through this equity investment. It has increased the possibility of advancing into new business areas such as building game content featuring digital humans in Deep Studio or realising a digital human-based metaverse space.

This summer, Deep Studio plans to debut Super kind, a 5-member idol group that consists of virtual and actual members. As the first member, the virtual idol Jeong Se-jin-related content was released on TikTok and YouTube in January. A video introducing the four actual members was also released through the official YouTube channel of Super kind.

“I am delighted to be able to solidify our partnership with Neptune further,” said Kihyun Ryu, CEO of Deep Studio. By focusing on creating short-form content that can be continuously reproduced by short-form platform users and K-pop fans interested in K-pop, UGC and memes can be developed. We will expand the IP of Sejin Jeong and Super kind.”

Neptune CEO Yoo Tae-woong said, “Deep Studio’s new approach, which does not follow the conventional success path of digital humans, was impressive, and we expect synergies with Neptune’s various business areas in the future. Differentiated position in the market centred on female digital humans. We decided to make an additional investment, considering the possibility of securing the global fandom and strengthening the female fandom through idol groups.” Neptune to invest 8.1 billion won in shares in Deep Studio

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