The man everyone wants to kiss, BTS J-Hope

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J-Hope appeared on ABC’s New Year’s Eve Countdown live show and met with fans.

BTS J-Hope, the man everyone wants to kiss. A female host said this while introducing J-Hope on an American TV show. She writes this article because she is envious. On the 1st, J-Hope appeared on ABC’s New Year’s Eve countdown live show.

New Year’s Rocking is a special broadcast to welcome the New Year from the evening of December 31st to the early morning of January 1st of the following year. Centering on the particular stage in Times Square, New York, it transmits performances throughout the United States, including Los Angeles and Miami. Up to 25 million Americans watch this show, so only the top singers can rise, mainly in recognition and skill.

J-Hope has appeared on this show with other BTS members in the past. Interestingly, J-Hope is the first K-pop singer to appear alone since Psy 10 years ago. J-Hope sang ‘=’ (Equal Sign), ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ (feat. Becky G), and ‘Butter’ (Holiday Remix) from his first solo album.

The male host praised them, saying, “Incredible performance.” In a live interview, a female host said, “Speaking of someone everyone wants to kiss… Jhope!!”

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