‘JIMIN MEGAN’ BTS Jimin, BUTTERTHEEREMIX Hwaryong Point ‘Mega-Class’ 1 Minute 11 Seconds Killing Part Is Born.

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BTS Jimin is creating a global topic through the newly released ‘Butter’ remix.

On the 27th, BTS released a remix of ‘Butter’ featuring famous American rapper Megan Thee Stallion. (#BUTTERTHEEREMIX)

Among them, the musical meeting of Jimin and Megan D. Stallion was highly anticipated by making global pop fans enthusiastic through a special connection between the two artists, so that the compound word ‘Jimin Megan’ was popular on social media even before the release.

Earlier, Jimin was selected as the only Asian to represent a global artist born in 1995 by American film and television company ‘Awesome TV,’ Megan D.

When Jimin’s ‘BE’ album title song ‘Life Goes On, which Jimin performed as a music PM, achieved the first ‘Hot 100’ No. Jimin, Megan, and Justin Bieber adorned the thumbnails, showing their overwhelming influence in the United States.

When the remix sound source was released, in Jimin’s ‘1 minute and 11 seconds’ killing part, which is the core of ‘Butter,’ Megan D. Stallion’s sexy rap and Jimin’s vocal dominating the sound source were connected to create a ‘mega killing part,’ ‘Butter’ ‘ The remix hit the climax.

Since then, fans have created a topic of enthusiastic response, such as pouring edited videos on the Internet in anticipation of the explosive performance of the principal dancer Jimin who dominates the stage, and the bold and differentiated Megan D. Stallion.

On the other hand, the digital single ‘Butter,’ released on May 21st, took the top spot nine times on the US Billboard ‘Hot 100’ chart and was honored as the most #1 song in 2021. It has surpassed 10 million views and is cruising in popularity.

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