LV FRONTMAN’ BTS Jimin, Louis Vuitton Ambassador Selection Decisive factor ‘Attention’..’JIMIN IMPACT’

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Jimin of BTS received attention as a decisive factor in the selection of Louis Vuitton ambassador due to his top-class popularity, global influence, and economic power of K-pop’s best fandom.

The American K-pop media Allkpop cited a domestic media report that Jimin was selected as a decisive factor in selecting BTS’ Louis Vuitton ambassador.

Fashion biz, a Korean fashion magazine, published a unique article on K-pop stars who are acting as ambassadors on the 10th, saying, “The decisive moment for BTS to become a global ambassador for Louis Vuitton is that in April of this year, the Virgil Abloh Louis Vuitton CD was released with BTS. The T-shirt worn by member Jimin in the video call interview scene became a worldwide hit. This short-sleeved T-shirt, worth 850,000 won, was sold out in Korea, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.”

All-K-Pop was a case that proved how strong Jimin’s brand power was at the time, and as of August of this year, BTS members in ‘News’ and ‘Celebrity and Celebrity’ categories in ‘Last one year’ and ‘Last five years’ according to Google Trend data. He focused on the special popularity called ‘Jimin-class popularity,’ citing the highest search volume, the boy group’s brand reputation for 33 months in a row, and the first place in the Korea Gallup Idol Preference Survey for the first two years in a row.

Jimin is a recognized fashion icon with different levels of popularity, global impact, and fashion business BoF500 selection, and was selected as the opening model for Louis Vuitton’s ‘2021 F/W Men’s Fashion Show’, the first runway of BTS, as Louis Vuitton’s chief designer for men’s wear, Virgil Abloh. He was the only one to post Jimin’s runway photo alone, drawing attention.

In response, Jimin was active as a central model that symbolizes the identity and message of the LV brand and received worldwide praise and the modifier of ‘Louis Vuitton Frontman.’

On the Louis Vuitton official Instagram, Jimin’s pictorial, which received more than 930,000 ‘likes,’ the most among the members, also showed satisfaction with the solo ‘Like’ heart by Virgil Abloh, the creative director of Louis Vuitton menswear. this is unique

Following the six consecutive sold-out of LV fashion, Jimin recently sold an ultra-high-priced watch worth 65 million won as well as Louis Vuitton bags, shoes, necklaces, etc., and out of stock in the region.

Before Louis Vuitton’s official ambassador activity, Louis Vuitton’s signature Knit worth 1.37 million won, all sizes of knitted 1.54 million won, and ‘Character Pendant Necklace’ worth 1.09 million won were sold out, and the satisfaction of owning the same product as Jimin is real-time regardless of the amount leads to purchase

Jimin is leading the global fashion industry with unimaginable promotional ripple effects and is enjoying unparalleled global popularity. BTS’ selection of Louis Vuitton ambassadors was an expected result.

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