BTS’ Jungkook, ‘Vocal King’ ‘Hearing ears and expressive power are amazing.’

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“Jungkook did the ‘demo’ that I made, almost like an imitation. So I thought that his ears and the skill to express it were terrific, and what came to mind was Jungkook’s vocal expressiveness, and his ability to catch and implement it was imposing. “

Jin-bo, a singer and producer of BTS, answered the question of ‘the member who surprised me,’ pointing to Jungkook and saying.

Praise is pouring in for Jungkook’s exceptional vocal talent. Recently, Mexican media ‘Sonica’ mentioned Jungkook first in an article titled ‘K-pop artist with the best voice,’ which conveys incredible voices and emotions.

Sonica praised, “Jungkook captivated the audience with his sweet voice when he sang a cappella (chorus without accompaniment) from the first stage of BTS.” We paid attention to Jungkook’s soft and beautiful voice, which has a reputation for captivating listeners and deeply moving them with his detailed emotional delivery. He added, “The golden youngest (Jungkook) attracted the attention of ARMYs and critics with his singing ability on the cover of Harry Styles’ ‘Falling.'”

Jungkook captivated fans and critics with the cover of ‘Falling.’ Since its release, foreign media has praised it for a fantastic combination of calm but deeply resonating vocals, tight high notes of belting singing, and delicate sensibility.

Jungkook’s ‘K-Pop Male Idol Vocal Performance Ranking!’ Ranked number 1 for two years in a row. He was also selected as the best vocalist in K-pop by the American media ‘allKpop’.

As if to prove this, the producers who worked with Jungkook praised Jungkook’s vocals one after another.

BTS ‘Butter’ composer and vocal producer Jenna Andrews praised, “I like Jungkook’s voice and vibrato. He’s excellent, and his voice is so cool and crazy.”

‘Sleep Deez,’ producer of Jungkook’s solo song ‘My Time,’ replied, “It seems to be the child’s world. His potential seems to be skyrocketing.” Then, in the AMA, he said, “The best part while producing Parallax was when I heard the first version with Jungkook’s vocals, and it was magical.”

Chris Martin, the main vocalist of ‘Coldplay,’ praised, “Okay! Please tell JK (Jungkook) that it’s awesome.” Coldplay and BTS recorded ‘My Universe’ together.

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