Mamoru Miyano and Saori Hayami appear in Netflix’s ‘GAMERA -Rebirth-‘ Main PV showing gamera and jaeger clash is also released.

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Netflix’s animation series “GAMERA -Rebirth-” a 3DCG animation of the special effects series “Gamera,” will be distributed within 2023, and Mamoru Miyano and Saori Hayami will appear, and the monster Jagger will appear. Became. The theme song artist, main promotion video, etc., have also been released.

Set in Tokyo in the summer of 1989, the six-episode series features Boko (voiced by Hisako Kanemoto ), Joe ( Yoshitsugu Matsuoka ), and Jun’ichi ( Aki Toyosaki ), who is in the 6th grade and are worried about the future. While planning a recapture operation against Brody, the son of the commander of the U.S. Forces in Japan, who stole cash from them, he witnesses Gamera suddenly confronting monsters attacking the city. He was directed by Hiroyuki Seshita, director of the 3DCG theatrical animation “GODZILLA” trilogy.

Miyano is a third-generation Japanese-American who plays James Tazaki, an agent of the Eustace Foundation. Hayami plays Emiko Melchiori, Tazaki’s assistant.

Jaiger is an ancient monster from the Mu continent that played a fierce battle with Gamera in ” Gamera vs. Great Monster Jaiger,” released in 1970. ” GAMERA -Rebirth ” appears as one of the five monsters opposing Gamera, just like the previously announced Gyaos. In addition to the single visual, a monster pro wrestling visual drawn with Gamera and Gyaos has also been released.

The theme song and ending theme are performed by the rock band WANIMA. In the main PV, four boys and Tazaki appear with voices and a battle scene where Gamera and Jaiger clash in the city is also recorded.

This information was announced on March 25 at an “AnimeJapan 2023” stage event. An archive of the event is being distributed on YouTube’s “KADOKAWA Anime Channel” until April 8.

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