The character ‘Arash’ from the game ‘FGO’ has entered the trend.

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” Arash, “a hero of Iranian mythology and appearing in the RPG “Fate / Grand Order (FGO)” for smartphones, entered the trend on SNS on July 30th.

At the Tokyo Olympics being held, the silver medal-winning archery Taiwanese representative Tou Unari shoots an arrow, and the shout ” Stella ” is the treasure of Arash (special move) “Ryusei Ichijo (Stella)” at “FGO.” Was introduced in ” news every. ” (Nippon Television) broadcast on the 30th.

The players said they liked anime and games, and on SNS, they said, “Archery Stella is in the news!”, “That’s 10 points,” and “I feel the spread of culture.”

In addition, “Meteor Ichijo (Stella)” is a self-destructive technique, and when released, Arash becomes incapable of fighting, so there were voices such as “It seems to explode.”

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