Unlimited viewing of ‘Gintama THE FINAL’ at ABEMA! Free broadcasts of ‘Everything shop, forever’ and popular feature films of the TV series

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From August 4, 2022, you can enjoy “Gintama THE FINAL” as much as possible on the new future TV “ABEMA.” Furthermore, on August 14, a free broadcast of “Theatrical Version Gintama Complete Edition Manjiya Yo Eien nare” will be held. From August 2, a unique project, “Gintama” TV series popular feature episodes, will be broadcast for free at once. Obon is Abema and Gintama is stupid! ” Will be held.

“Gintama” is an anime series based on the gag manga by Hideaki Sorachi, which was serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump.” Set in Edo, which became under the control of aliens at the end of the Edo period, Kotaro Katsura, an old friend of Gintoki, including “everything shop” such as Gintoki Sakata, Shinpachi Shimura, and Kagura. Draws a slapstick daily life woven by unique characters such as Gintoki Sakata and Shinpachi.

A gag with satirical stories and parody, laughter packed with de-class action and humanity drama, a story with tears became popular, the movie version animation was released three times, and live-action The movie was also a big hit with two productions. The final chapter of the series, “Gintama THE FINAL,” released in January 2021, depicts a fierce battle with the last and greatest enemy, the imaginary, and is the highest-ever box office of the series at 1.9 billion yen. Recorded income.

It has been decided that “Gintama THE FINAL,” the final chapter of the “Gintama” series, will be distributed on “ABEMA” from August 4. You can enjoy the biggest hits in the series for the first time with “ABEMA Premium.”

In addition, along with the start of distribution of “Gintama THE FINAL,” on August 14, the second movie version of “Gintama: The Movie: Complete Edition: Everything is Eternal,” which depicts Gintoki and the devastated Edo that time slipped into the world of the future. It will be broadcast for free. After the broadcast, it will be the first time for “ABEMA” to be overlooked for free for a week.

In addition, to enjoy the movie version more, we have decided to hold a unique project, “Obon is Abema and Gintama Stupidity!” Which broadcasts popular feature-length episodes of the “Gintama” TV series all at once. “General assassination,” “Farewell Shinsengumi,” “Souyo decisive battle,” and “Gin no Tamashii” will be broadcast from August 2 to August 15. You can also enjoy these for free for a week after the broadcast. I want to fully immerse myself in the “Gintama” world with laughter, tears, and de-class action with “ABEMA.”

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