8 Controversial K-Pop Idol Comments Captured by Audio and Camera

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  1. Ha Sung-woon

Korean celebrities often carry out live broadcasts, one of which the boy group wants a One. However, at that time, their live broadcast became a considerable controversy. The reason is, the former members talk to each other, say things that sound rude, and think they are not in front of the camera.

In particular, the listeners and viewers of the live broadcast referred to Ha Sung Woon, who said “F-word” repeatedly and became a big problem. Fans also sent the audio clip to the laboratory for analysis. However, the study results showed that Ha Sungwoon did not say what people claimed to have heard.

  1. Yeri Red Velvet

On one occasion, the girl group Red Velvet was present and appeared to fill a concert event in North Korea. In an interview in Pyongyang after their performance, Yeri said it was an “honor” to shake hands with Kim Jong Un.

Instead of getting a positive response, this comment received scorn from South Korean netizens. They called Yeri a shame because she felt proud to meet a dictator from North Korea.

  1. Teen Top CAP

The following controversial comment came from a Teen Top member. At that time, they were guest stars on Mnet’s ‘Wide Entertainment News,’ the leader, CAP, revealed comments that sounded harassing women. He explained that if he had a son, he would treat him well, and if he had a daughter, he would beat and lock him.

He then explained that he would lock her at home to stay safe from the dangers of the outside world, but one of the members added that being at home sounded more dangerous. This also made netizens angry and criticized CAP. Finally, CAP and the agency apologized. CAP admitted that he only said this to be considered funny.

  1. Baek Yerin ex-15&

Back in a live video, a former 15& group member who is now a soloist, Baek Yerin, says inappropriate things against her haters. He responded to the haters in the live video by saying, “FCK you too, btch.”

Later in the video, he also adds, “Don’t hack my account! I will track you down, and I will kill you.” Apart from his overly strong tone, his harsh comments, he also earned the respect of netizens for firmly and bravely fighting his haters.

  1. Types of ex-TOPP DOGG

Another controversy comes from Types. He uploaded a video when he was drunk and singing. In another video he uploaded later, he said, “You guys are like this huh, damn bastard, holding up the middle finger.” Of course, netizens were furious at that time, and Types immediately apologized for the video.

  1. VIXX’s Ken

Ken sparked controversy when something he had written in a sketchbook was revealed to the camera as he turned the pages of his book. Through screenshots, netizens discovered that he had written “stop hitting me bch” and “fng b*ch” on the back of the sketchbook.

Ken also clarified that the words were not for fans but as a joke for Ravi, who had hit him before. Nonetheless, some netizens started criticizing the group, and the video was immediately deleted.

  1. Park Jimin ex15&

The singer, who is good at English, became a host of the After School Club program and Jae Day6 and Kevin Woo. In one episode, Kevin discusses plans for the new year. Surprisingly, Jimin shouted at his agency boss, JYP, to immediately give him an album.

“Are you listening? I need to sing. I am a singer!” he said.

Jimin also said that he didn’t release an album for a year. Jimin’s statement immediately caused criticism from netizens to his agency.

  1. Hwayoung ex-BOYS24

Former BOYS24 member Hwayoung caused a massive controversy with a leaked audio clip from her fans. Hwayoung said that she hates hearing the call ‘oppa’ from her fans in the audio clip. He also doesn’t like greeting fans by holding their hands.

He even said that he felt like throwing up when he passed his fans because of the smell of their breath. Finally, the agency that oversees the group made an official apology, and Hwayoung was removed from the group.

“I like being called Oppa, not when I hear it from fans, I hate that. Yes, fuck it. Very annoying when we do Hi-Touch. You know, Hi-Touch? Like when you hold hands and greet fans after the concert is over. Every day I pass 700~800 people, and I feel like I’m going to throw up. Their damn breath smells like dirt,” Hwayoung said.

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