Famous music critic Doheon Kim unveils the third Rolling Stone Korea column. ‘Cool and wonderful revival, the companionship of K-pop and rock’

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Famous music critic Doheon Kim published the third pop music column in the popular culture magazine Rolling Stone Korea.

Writer Doheon Kim, a member of the Korean Popular Music Awards (KMA) selection committee, has published three popular music columns sequentially with Rolling Stone Korea since March 30, and his unique new insightful gaze and powerful story. delivered

Through this third column, ‘Cool and Wonderful Revival, K-Pop and Rock Companion’, the group Tomorrow X Together, N Hyphen, and (G)I-DLE’s (G)I-DLE’s music are sensuously expressed in what form the rock emotion is harmoniously embedded in K-pop music. released with

In addition, writer Kim Do-Heon expressed his anticipation for more diverse aspects of K-pop in the future, saying, ‘The new generation is making music of a new era by using the fashion and attitude of rock as attractively as they want it to be.’

Rolling Stone Korea, the Korean version of the world-famous music magazine Rolling Stone Magazine, collaborates with writer Do-heon Kim, writer Ye-hoon Kim, and writer Hwang Seon-up and will also release popular music classical music reviews through its webzine.

Meanwhile, on the 8th, Rolling Stone Korea published the 5th tributary featuring the world’s best artist Adele, who returned with her first full album, ’30’, in 6 years and became a bestseller in the magazine field for a short time.

The 6th issue is expected to be published in early May, raising expectations once again.

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