Climate crisis response campaign with K-POP stars

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will hold the “Plant Our Planet” campaign concert (from now on “POP Campaign Concert”) online and virtually from July to September to spread the “global campaign to create forests in response to the climate crisis,” which is being promoted jointly with the Korea Forest Service and UNICEF.

It was held through the World (Metaverse) and MBN TV channels. 7.29 (Fri) Ministry of Foreign Affairs public diplomacy SNS “KOREAZ” YouTube channel, 7.30 (Sat) MBN TV channel, 9.15 (Fri) virtual world (metaverse) platform “Play Together” In this concert, K-pop stars such as The Boyz, Fromis_Nine, AB6IX, Baekho, and Unite participated in responding to the climate crisis through performances, games related to forest creation, and online communication with fans in climate crisis areas and delivered a message about the importance of tree planting.

In particular, this performance was held at a performance hall within the virtual world (metaverse) platform “Play Together,” where a POP campaign is being carried out along with online transmission. Through this, 160,000 K-pop fans worldwide participated and performed without restrictions of time and space. We watched and communicated through real-time comments.

This concert is evaluated as having increased participation and message spread by utilizing various platforms and attempting a new form of performance in the digital era. The POP campaign, which continues until the end of the year, is a campaign that links the real and virtual worlds, and when participants plant trees in the metaverse virtual space, it is returned to planting trees in the real world.

As of September, more than 160 million people from over 200 countries have visited the virtual space and participated in the campaign, and connection with this in the real world, starting with the campaign launch ceremony in April, Mongolia, A tree planting event to plant a total of 4,000 trees was held in Indonesia and Vietnam. A tree planting event is scheduled to be held in Paraguay in November.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs plans to continue the digital public diplomacy global campaign to help Korea spread its values ​​as a worldwide pivotal country and contribute to the international community. Attachments 1. Concert photos 2. POP campaign details and how to participate.

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