Espa, on People Magazine’s ‘Rising Star to Know in 2021’

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Girl group Espa was selected as the ‘Rising Star to Know in 2021’ by People Magazine in the United States.

Espa is the only K-pop singer listed on the ‘Rising Stars to Know in 2021’ list.

People magazine introduced Espa last year with its debut single ‘Black Mamba’, which made the history of achieving 100 million YouTube views in the shortest time among K-pop groups.

He also commented that he is aiming for global superstardom through his first mini-album, ‘Savage,’ that crosses genres.

Member Giselle said that it is fantastic to think that she has fans worldwide, and she sincerely hopes to meet her through a tour concert.

Espa appeared on the popular NBC talk show ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ last Saturday and performed ‘Savage.’

The members and their avatar I-SPA captivated local viewers by performing powerful performances together.

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