Trio 3YE does an exclusive show for Latin America: ‘We want to be global stars.’

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On July 31st, the K-Pop 3YE trio will take the stage for the first time since their debut. Formed by Yuji, Yurim, and Haeun, the group will make an online presentation directly from South Korea with a big difference: it focuses on its audience in Latin America.

“This is our first concert, and we’ve been getting good news from fans in Latin America, and we’re very grateful, so we wanted to be even closer to them,” explained Yuji, leader of the trio, in an exclusive chat with Quem. She added, mentioning the necessary adaptations due to the pandemic: “It is regrettable and unhappy. We’re having a hard time communicating with our fans, but we want to be in touch with our fans in Brazil with this show.”

They are rehearsing and preparing themselves in different ways for the presentation, which has tickets ranging from R$25 to R$200, the most expensive option featuring a virtual Meet & Greet with the girls.

Without revealing too many details, they said they are learning some basic phrases in Portuguese and Spanish. They gave a single spoiler about what fans can expect from the show: solo performances by each member.

3YE made its debut in May 2019 and gained more and more international audiences with their more critical and more substantial concepts, choreography, and sound, which tend to be more successful outside South Korea.

Although they have just completed their two years with the group, Yuji, Yurim, and Haeun already have a few years on the road together. They initially debuted on Apple. B with two other members and a very different concept from the current one, but the group only lasted about eight months. A year later, 3YE’s debut as a trio was announced.

“We are very proud of who we are, our performance, and our music. We changed the concept to meet the needs and desires of our fans, and we are happy that they can see what K-Pop is capable of,” commented Yuji about the change.

And it’s precisely their performance that they believe is the group’s highlight, as both Yuji and Haeun grew up practicing dance. It was even by winning a competition that Haeun was approached with opportunities to become an idol.

“Individually, we have different personalities and characteristics, but at the same time, we have the same goal as a group, so we are very close. We have a lot of confidence in our performance on stage, and I think it stands out. We can confidently say that we are as good as the big K-Pop groups”, guaranteed Haeun, the youngest.

With only three members in the group – a rare thing to see on K-Pop, where groups tend to have at least five, and often more than ten people – they also weighed the pros and cons of the reduced number.

“Because we’re just the three of us, fans find it easier to learn our names and our personalities, but we have less time to rest,” Yuji pointed out. Haeun added: “I was worried that, as we were only three members, the performances would feel a little empty, even though there were dancers on stage. But I feel that so far, we are doing a good job.”

But the powerful style of their songs and choreography is not the only strong point of the group, which expresses the desire to explore new concepts in the future: while Yurim would like to try something more feminine and light, Yuji would like a good summer song.

Having debuted less than a year before the coronavirus pandemic began, 3YE never got the chance to see their fans live at a concert. And now the days are counting for them to finally do it, making this their priority for as long as possible.

“We want to see our fans in person because we want to meet them,” said Yurim. At the same time, Haeun added, taking the opportunity to make a promise to Brazilian fans: “We also really want to meet international fans, so we want to see Latin America. Let’s run to Brazil as soon as we can.”

About his main goals for the following years, Yuji also mentioned the country: “I would love to hear our music on the streets of Brazil. I think it would be cool if people recognized the group and our work.” Haeun dreams of the feeling of just being on stage: “I want to be able to do international shows and hear our fans singing our songs when we are on stage.

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