Unusual New Jean’s global popularity. No. 1 on K-pop radar, overwhelming follower growth rate

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Girl group NewJeans took first place on the K-pop chart show ‘K-POP RADAR’s weekly fandom chart broadcast across the United States.

On the chart released on the 24th, New Jeans’ “Cookie” took first place. New Jeans’ “Cookie” music video recorded 1.36 million views on K-Pop Radar during the 3rd week of February (February 10-16, 2023). New Jeans kept the top spot for four consecutive weeks with ‘OMG’ and ‘Ditto’ last month and then took back the whole place again in a month with ‘Cookie.’

According to K-Pop Radar, New Jeans’ Spotify followers also increased by about 114,000 during the week. Considering that the number of Spotify followers of K-pop artists increased by an average of 529 during the same period, it is an overwhelming figure.

During the 3rd week of February, K-Pop Radar, New Jeans’ official Twitter followers increased by 70,000 and Instagram followers by 309,000. During the same period, the number of Twitter followers of all K-pop artists increased by an average of 1,100, and the number of Instagram followers increased by an average of 9,200.

K-Pop Radar said, “Despite not being active, they are showing hot popularity.”

Girl group STAYC’s new song ‘Teddy Bear’ ranked 3rd in the Top 10 of the Weekly Fandom Chart announced by ‘K-Pop Radar’ this week, followed by girl group tripleS’ ‘Rising.’ It entered 4th place at the same time as the comeback. TRI.BE’s comeback song ‘WE ARE YOUNG’ also rose to No. 8 as soon as it came back.

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