From TXT to Espa, Who is the next-generation idol selected by Hanteo Global K-Pop Report?

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Tomorrow x Together, Itzy, Espa, N-Hyphen, Treasure, and StayC have been selected as the protagonists to lead the next generation of K-Pop.

On the 21st, Hanteo Global (CEO Kwak Young-ho), the operator of Hanteo Chart and Whosfan, announced ‘Hanteo Global K-Pop Report: #3 Achievements of the 4th Gen. In the third report released on the same day, the main characters who will lead a new generation of K-pop by showing outstanding performances in each field in the first half of this year were nominated and collected topics.

In this Hanteo Global K-Pop Report, we first paid attention to Tomorrow by Together, N Hyphen, and ATEEZ, which maintain the album sales potential of 3rd generation artists. We predicted that the heyday of physical albums would continue with the 4th generation.

In the first half of the year, he pointed out that ESPA, STAYC, and ITZY, who were in their 3rd year of debut, performed outstandingly in the music sector. In particular, Espa and Stay C mentioned that their achievements are more meaningful because they showed their potential in the music charts even though they debuted less than a year ago.

In global fan firepower, Treasure, Tomorrow X Together, N-Hyphen, ATEEZ, and Dreamcatcher highly appreciated the potential. In addition, he pointed out the growth potential of Stray Kids on social media and predicted the infinite growth potential of K-pop in the future. Through the previous two reports, Hanteo Global selected NCT Dream as the K-pop artist who led the first half of 2021 and BTS as the artist with the most extraordinary global fandom firepower in the first half of 2021.

Following this report that focused on analyzing artists within four years of their debut, Hanteo Global will deal with a specific case analysis of rookies who have just debuted in the following report. As a result, expectations for the next series were raised.

On the other hand, ‘Hanteo Global K-Pop Report’ is a report that will be released for the first time this year by Hanteo Global, which operates global K-pop-related services such as Hanteo Chart and Whosfan. It covers K-pop artists who are active in the music market. Was created to analyze the trend and direction of K-pop through this. More details can be found through Hanteo News.

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