K-Pop 2.5 Generation Idol Memory Journey with Highlight

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Highlight recalled the memories of K-pop in the 2010s.

On the 26th, tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday Doremi Market’ featured Yoon Doo-Joon, Lee Ki-Kwang, and Son Dong-Woon of the group Highlight.

The highlight is back with a full-length album after 5 years. Boom gave time to promote the new song. Son Dongwoon said, “This is the first full-length album we released after changing the name.” Gikwang Lee added, “There are a total of 10 songs. The members participated a lot. I put more effort into the title song.” Doojoon Yoon is the second appearance on ‘Nolto’. The song on the question was too difficult, so I just repeated the word ‘difficult’. Doojoon Yoon said, “I haven’t seen ‘Nolto’ since then. I’m sorry,” and “I came out today to make good memories.”

Dongwoon Son said that appearing in ‘Nolto’ was like a dream. Son Dong-Woon said, “Originally, only Yoon Doo-Joon and Lee Gikwang appeared. I got a call two days ago. Originally, I should have been resting, but here it is like a dream.” Son Dongwoon is a friend of the same age as Key, who was born in 1991. Son Dongwoon released a photo he took with Key. Son Dongwoon said about his height 13 years ago, “I danced so well, but I felt like I was making fun of him. As soon as we met, we danced, and we were like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ wanted,” he said.

The first round challenge song was Eru’s ‘Highlight’. I thought it was a ballad, but it was a ballad singer’s dance song. The title was also a custom selection for the highlight. The year took one shot. Since I wrote a lot of volume during the year, I decided to try it right away by writing the last chance to listen again. Who was last was the key. Yoon Doo-Joon seemed to be the last, but he feared that he was not confident in listening to them now. The cast put Kangsu to write a chance to listen again. The last word of the third line has fallen into a labyrinth. In the end, I decided to try the first one.

After the first attempt failed, I decided to use a hint to see the last letter of the third line. When the last letter of ‘filial piety’ appeared on the electronic board, everyone was delighted with the intuition that it was ‘filial piety. He succeeded in the second attempt and enjoyed the mandu hotpot.

The snack game was a music video scene quiz. P.O should say it in the order of the title and the singer, but I was wrong about the singer first. The year caught on quickly. But Boom asked what the punctuation mark after the title was. In the end, P.O, who got it right the first time, took the snack. Son Dongwoon correctly answered MBLAQ’s ‘Oh yes, but he was wrong because of Chuimsae, and he got a snack for his height. Key surprised me by printing out the choreography of ‘Oh yeah’. Dongwoon Son guessed right after SHINee’s ‘Juliet’. Key was upset that Son Dong-Woon didn’t know the choreography, but he printed out the choreography as if he did. Highlight looked at her height and admired her, saying, “If we tell you to live in the old days, we can’t do it.”

Moon Se-Yoon answered Lee Seung-gi’s ‘Because you’re my woman. When Lee Gikwang saw the perfume in the music video, he immediately remembered ‘Do not spray perfume’. Among the highlights, Yoon Doo-Joon, who was left alone, was worried that it didn’t seem to fit with ‘Nolto’. But he guessed right next to Orange Caramel’s ‘Magical Girl’.

‘Magical Girl is a memorable song performed by Key and Gikwang Lee as a special year-end stage. Doojoon Yoon brought Key and Gikwang Lee to the stage. The three of them showed a sharp choreography despite the sudden breathing.

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