‘International Market’ Director Yoon Je-gyun to make K-pop movie with Hollywood produce

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A global movie based on K-pop will be produced. Director Yoon Je-gyun of and will direct, and Linda Obst, a famous Hollywood producer, will participate.

CJ ENM announced on the 10th that it would start a project to produce a global film based on K-pop. CJ E&M said, “This project, named (working title), is to show the growing interest in Korean creators and K-Pop, which is gaining popularity worldwide after won four Academy Awards. It was designed to help talented Korean creators advance overseas by connecting them, and to enhance the value of K-content, including K-pop.”

Producer Linda Obst is a famous Hollywood producer who made numerous hits such as (2014), (1993), (1996), and (1997). He has also won three Academy Awards, four Golden Glove Awards, and three Emmy Awards. Linda Obst said, “I have a deep affection for Korean culture, especially K-pop,” and said, “I will make this project a success.”

Director Yoon, in charge of directing, is Korea’s representative box office director and producer covering various genres from comedy to human drama. Done. He said, “We plan to cast a large number of Hallyu stars, Hollywood and pop music icons, and make a movie that can satisfy audiences around the world.” Director Yoon will begin production in earnest, starting with auditions for the lead actors who will play the role of the boy band in August.

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