ASTRO’s ‘Switch On’ activities end four music awards → US Billboard praise ‘The Beauty of the Kind’

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Global boy group ASTRO has completed the modifier of ‘record straw’ with its unrivaled ‘running for 1st place’.

ASTRO, who released their 8th mini-album ‘SWITCH ON’ on the 2nd and carried out various activities, finished their official activities on the 15th.

ASTRO, who made a high-speed comeback in 4 months after the release of the 2nd full-length album, ‘All Yours,’ announced the participation of all members in lyrics and composition even before the release of ‘SWITCH ON,’ foretelling a refreshing fantasy, raising the expectations of global fans—received in one body.

As if living up to that expectation, ASTRO not only constantly broke records during the August promotion period but also garnered a lot of attention by properly fulfilling their aspirations to ‘SWITCH ON’ the world. This summer, we took a look at ASTRO’s ‘best record,’ which has established itself as a true ‘summer king.’

Four wins on music shows and three wins on Gaon chart ‘SWITCH ON’

Immediately after the release of the 8th mini-album ‘SWITCH ON,’ ASTRO recorded first place on the Bugs Music Chart with the title song ‘After Midnight,’ firing a signal of success. ‘SWITCH ON,’ which contains ASTRO’s refreshing fantasy, recorded 275,000 copies in the first week of sales in Korea (album sales in the first week of release, based on Hanteo Chart from August 2nd to 8th), and album chart 1 of the 32nd week of Gaon Chart. It has been overgrowing since its inception.

At the same time, ASTRO ranked first in the BGM and downloaded charts, winning three Gaon Charts. After the comeback, the enthusiastic reaction of fans and the public towards ASTRO was directly related to the result of being ranked number one on music shows. ASTRO received trophies from SBS MTV ‘The Show’ on the 10th and MBC every1 ‘Show Champion’ on the 11th, followed by KBS 2TV ‘Music’ on the 13th. Bank’ topped the terrestrial T.V. charts for the first time in 1999, days after their debut. On the 14th, MBC’s Show! ASTRO, who received four awards on music shows through ‘Music Core,’ gave an emotional feeling with sincere emotion and proved their efforts so far.

U.S. iTunes Top Song-Top Album Chart First ‘No.1’

Immediately after the release of ‘SWITCH ON,’ ASTRO ranked first on the U.S. iTunes Top Song Chart with the title song ‘After Midnight,’ and at the same time, set a new record of taking first place in 37 countries and regions, including top album charts. In addition, on the Japanese Oricon chart, it ranked 2nd in the weekly overseas music album rankings (as of August 2nd to 8th) and 5th in the weekly album rankings (as of August 2nd to 8th) and has been steadily performing overseas since the comeback. It also proved topical and interest.

As the overseas music market became ‘SWITCH ON’ at once due to the coolness of the ASTRO table, intensive reports on the new song were made in 13 countries and regions around the world, including Chile, Peru, and Portugal. From Portugal’s ‘such de manga’ selecting ASTRO as the most anticipated comeback in August, Chile ‘ezanime’ about ‘After Midnight’ iTunes Top Song Chart record, “Astro’s music in Central and South American countries such as Mexico, Argentina, and Chile There are a lot of fans who love it.” In addition, ‘CNN Indonesia’ mentioned again the musical influence of ASTRO, who stood tall as a summer king.

The global fandom’s firepower is also ‘SWITCH ON.’

ASTRO’s ‘SWITCH ON,’ in which all members participated in writing and composing, drew enthusiastic support from the global fandom. On the 5th, Forbes of the United States published an interview article with ASTRO, and praised it as “This album, which contains ASTRO’s musical growth, is a must-purchase for fans and stimulates the desire to own it,” sparking interest from overseas fans.

Billboard columnist Jeff Benjamin praised ASTRO’s ranking on music shows and decorated the cover of TIDAL’s popular K-POP playlist on his personal SNS account, and announced the strong firepower of ASTRO’s global fandom. In addition, ASTRO proved that it is an artist loved by fans worldwide by listing on the usual K-pop playlist ‘K-pop Daebak’ of Spotify, the world’s largest music platform.

As such, ASTRO’s 8th mini-album ‘SWITCH ON’ breaks a new record, and attention is being paid to the ‘record store, which will continue its terrifying growth.

On the other hand, ASTRO, which has completed the official activities of ‘SWITCH ON,’ will be active in various fields and meet global fans.

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