Korea Music Media Association held the inaugural general meeting, ‘Pay attention to the MIDI music that created the K-pop syndrome.’

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To protect the rights and interests of famous composers and arrangers and promote the development of MIDI music, the Korean Music Media Association was launched.

On the 27th, they held the inaugural general meeting of the Korea Music Media Association at the Korea Music Copyright Association in Gangseo-gu. They appointed composer Wi Jong-soo, who composed the group Cool’s “Aroha,” as the association’s president.

In addition, composer Lee Seung-Han, who composed Park Hyun-bin’s ‘Gondere Mandre,’ serves as the secretary general.

The Korean Music and Media Association, a corporation, plans to actively protect the rights of creators of MIDI music produced using computers.

The association said, “Creators have become so common that it is impossible to create songs without MIDI music, but they have not been able to properly protect the rights to their creations due to the lack of institutional protection.” “To improve this situation, veteran musicians who are hit, song composers. We will come together and take various actions to protect the rights and interests of creators.”

The association also plans to promote the development of MIDI music through various public interest activities.

The Korea Music and Media Association, a corporation, has ‘I’m going to love you’ and ‘Shabang Shabang.’ Many hit composers who created ‘Jjinya,’ ‘Why are you out there,’ and ‘Pretty Pretty’ participated as members.

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