Park Jin-young singer’s comeback

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JYP Entertainment representative producer Park Jin-young will return as a singer.

Jinyoung Park is expected to release her new album in the middle of this month and show the essence of the original K-pop dance singer. Her new song comes two years and three months after ‘When We Disco,’ which debuted with her former member Sunmi in August 2020 and made it to her hit list.

In particular, a new song called ‘Groove Back,’ a one-minute song that started in Korea on the 8th of last month, gathered a lot of attention on the ‘Random Play Dance’ tour held in five overseas cities: Bangkok, Thailand, Barcelona, ​​Spain, São Paulo, Brazil, and Los Angeles, USA. Attention is focused on

In the random play dance tour, K-pop fans danced to the song with dancers from different countries. At least 500 and as many as 3,000 people from each country gather and dance, and it is being discussed on various social media and YouTube channels.

After her comeback, Park Jin-young plans to present a splendid performance of ‘groove back’ through various methods such as her broadcasting activities and YouTube.

Fans at home and abroad are paying attention to what kind of music Park Jin-young, who continues her unconventional steps by breaking her existing frame even during her hiatus, when releasing her new album or not doing activities, will show what kind of music she will perform in her album activities.

She’s not only her hit song maker and head of JYP; she’ll come back at about the same time he joins her girl group Itzy, competing for her goodwill. Jinyoung Park said that she produces other singers and has also been active with her songs.

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