‘SPY x FAMILY’ Anya’s cute blush & ‘Kaze no Naru’ Yoru episode 19 scene cut released

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The scene cut of the 19th episode of the TV animation “SPY x FAMILY” (Spy Family) was released on the 10th. The synopsis will be released after the broadcast.

Subtitled “Revenge Plan for Desmond / Mother, Become the Wind.” In addition, the cuts of Anya blushing and smiling and Yoru running hard have been released.

The main character of this work is Lloyd, a brilliant spy who works on intelligence missions every day for a better world. A special mission (mission) arrives to such him. It is to “create a family and infiltrate a certain prestigious elementary school.” A spy action comedy that creates a “family” and challenges missions.

The original manga is serialized in Shonen Jump +, a famous work with a cumulative circulation of over 26.5 million copies. The first season of TV animation was broadcast from April to June 2022.

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