Bugs to hold K-pop artist popularity voting on ZEPETO

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A K-Pop artist popularity poll will be held in the metaverse space.

NHN Bugs (104200)announced on the 7th that they would jointly conduct a “popularity vote for K-pop artists loved by Metaverse users” on ZEPETO, a global metaverse platform, in partnership with Naver Jet.

The popularity poll is for all K-pop artists. From this day to the 13th, if you post a post by adding an artist cheering message and two essential hashtags (#artist name, #BugsZEPETO) to the feed on the ZEPETO platform, or leave a like on the post, you will automatically participate in voting.

Both companies have renovated the ZEPETO Award World according to the popular voting concept. Like the awards ceremony site, the large stage, electric billboards, and round tables are filled with colorful lighting. There is even a photo wall on one side to take commemorative photos. In addition, various contents have been prepared in various places where you can support artists with friends.

The final voting results will be announced on the 25th. Bugs will create and release a music playlist for each artist selected in the final TOP 3.

A representative of Bugs said, “This ‘K-POP Artist Popularity Vote,’ conducted jointly by Bugs and Geppetto, will provide a new experience with next-generation content that combines music and metaverse. We plan to increase opportunities to enjoy it,” he said.

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