I swallowed the billboard too. BLACKPINK, K-Pop girl group 1st place

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Blackpink became the first K-pop girl group to top the US Billboard’s main album chart, the Billboard 200.

According to a preview article on the Billboard chart released on the 25th (local time), Black Pink’s 2nd regular album ‘BORN PINK’ recorded sales of 102,000 albums in a week and took the top spot on this chart.

BLACKPINK became the first female group to top the Billboard 200 chart in 14 years since 2008.

It is the fourth record for a K-pop singer. Previously, BTS, SuperM, and Stray Kids have climbed to the top of this chart. The last three teams were all boy groups.

Regarding Blackpink’s album ‘Born Pink,’ Billboard said, “Unlike the other two K-pop albums, which topped the Billboard 200 this year, mostly in Korean, most of the albums in ‘Born Pink’ are in English.” pointed out.

‘Billboard 200’ calculates the album consumption ranking by adding the number of traditional album sales, such as physical albums, the number of streaming to album sales (SEA), and the number of digital music downloads converted to album sales (TEA).

‘Born Pink’ was counted with 75,500 physical albums, 25,000 SEA copies, and 1,500 TEA copies.

Billboard also introduced, “This album is composed of 17 collectible packages consisting of a set of random elements such as photo cards, postcards, stickers, and an album inlay.” He continued, “Blackpink’s 2nd album ‘Digipack’ and ‘Box Set Edition’ was initially sold for $26 (about 37,000 won) and $50 (about 71,000 won), respectively, but during the first week of release, they sold for $14.99 ( The price has been lowered to about 21,000 won),” he added.

Previously, BLACKPINK became the first K-pop girl group to take first place on the album chart of the British Official Chart, the two most extensive charts in the pop music world, along with the Billboard chart.

In addition, on the weekly chart of Spotify, the world’s largest music streaming platform, she became the first Korean singer to top the chart.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK will open the door for the ‘BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK]’ at Case Po Dome, Olympic Park, Seoul, for two days from October 15th to 16th. After that, it is expected to meet about 1.5 million audiences in North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

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