Lightsome Hwiyeon, New York Times Square ‘ giant billboard’ appeared.

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Hwiyeon, a group LIGHTSUM, is a hot topic when decorating a giant billboard in Times Square in New York after about a month of her debut.

Hwiyeon recently held a ‘Who’s the Idol to Celebrate in Times Square’ on the global K-pop fandom platform ‘Whosfan’? It took first place in the 5th week of July voting. With the support of Whosfan, a happy birthday advertisement was sent out on a giant billboard in Times Square, New York.

Hwiyeon, who celebrated her birthday on August 1, took first place with 45.10% of global votes in week-long voting from July 5 to July 12. Next, Tri-B’s Zia and Oneus’ Ido took second and third places, respectively.

The advertisement will be sent out for a week from July 26 to August 1, local time, on a 47-meter-long billboard in the building right next to ‘tkts,’ known as the heart of Times Square in New York.

On the afternoon of the 29th, Whosfan released a local video of the advertisement being sent through YouTube’s ‘Whosfan TV’ channel. The ad is a video made by a global fan of Lightsome Hwiyeon, adding meaning.

In addition, in the commercial video, the music video scene of Lightsome’s debut song ‘Vanilla’ was transmitted, and Hwiyeon’s refreshing charm and powerful performance were all shown.

On the other hand, Whosfan is holding global fans’ voting every week for K-pop artists celebrating their birthday over a large billboard advertisement account in Times Square in New York.

Currently, One Yonghoon, Treasure Asahi, LOOΠΔ Haseul, Apink Jung Eunji, Momoland JooE, TO1 Jaeyoon, and Cosmic Girls Bona are competing nominations. Voting closes at 11 a.m. on August 2.

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