K-pop: the best songs from 2021 so far (VOTE!)

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In this musical season, K-Pop has been bringing great hits. So vote for that song you believe is the best South Korean-style song released so far!

With the music industry dominated by K-pop, it’s clear that 2021 songs from this segment would be of the best quality possible! From BTS to Chung Ha, this year’s well-crafted track releases on the music scene are partially produced by South Korean artists.

To get an idea of ​​this impact and the musical delivery made by these figures, NME directed a plan that addressed the best tracks released so far in the musical genre that originated in South Korea. Therefore, we gathered 8 of these songs and decided that in addition to describing its importance for the current moment of music, you can also vote for the one that has marked your year so far. Check out!

“Butter” – BTS
No introductions are required! The BTS, the most influential male musical group today, is undoubtedly what is best in K-pop. With his second single in English, “Butter,” its relevance and success are increasingly remarkable.

The hit of sales and streams, the track finds itself for the fourth consecutive week at #1 on the Billboard HOT100, the most extensive US music chart, converting the septet into the first and only Korean act to accomplish this feat on the chart.

Far from melting, “Butter” is a song that instigates the best of summer and feeds the thirst for dancing energy that everyone is trapped amidst this pandemic chaos. In other words, it’s genuinely tropical and refreshing escapism for ARMYs and any audience that loves a dose of musical serotonin!

“Bicycle” – Chung Ha

The flagship of the first album Chung Ha, “Querencia,” sounds like a perfect pop! The South Koreans brought elements beyond what was expected and found in K-pop. The singer’s versatility in music is the highlight of “Bicycle.”

The power presented in the song by one of the most sought-after stars of the South Korean style makes the single unique and simply one of the best of this musical rhythm of the year. Accompanied by a super-produced MV, the track doesn’t disappoint at any time!

“You Make Me” – Day6
Formed by JYP Entertainment, Day6 is a South Korean band that efficiently explores Pop Rock. In “You Make Me,” the quintet takes emotions seriously and tenderly addresses mental health. However, the group has already seen being weakened in 2020 when facing severe anxieties among the members.

“You Make Me” is the lead single of “Negentropy,” the final installment of the series “The Book Of Us,” which had its promotional activities suspended due to the diagnosis of the disease last year.

“Yeonnam-dong” – DVWN feat. llBOI
Light and sweet! “Yeonnam-dong” is the definition of good music to listen to while enjoying a good walk outdoors and forgetting about any chaos the world is facing.

DVWN’s collaboration with lIlBOI exudes peace and tranquility, which makes the track more interesting, as it’s like a dose of emotion not experienced before, especially if it’s your first time listening to and having contact with the South Korean’s work.

Playing with jazz, R&B, and rap in 3 min and 32 seconds, the singer’s material conveys comfort and a great melancholy to feel.

“First” – EVERGLOW
The EVERGLOW returned to the music scene of the K-Pop with a single monster that shows the power and confidence of these six members who sing about the daring and female empowerment in “First.”

The song firmly states that the South Korean girl group has much of a drive to stardom, marked by impeccable vocals and an absurd stage presence from well-appointed looks to out-of-the-ordinary Hip-Hop choreographed.

Thirteen years ago, IU appeared amid the marvelous universe of K-Pop. Over time, the newcomer became one of the biggest names in the music style in South Korea, and today, she remains a reference and an explicit world exponent of this genre thanks to her talented and sweet voice that inspires everyone.

In “LILAC,” the South Korean bets all her considerable skills and delivers with enthusiasm and prowess a track that speaks directly to the audience. It’s a refreshing and delicious-to-listen pop pop that, mixed with IU’s years of success, is becoming more and more pervasive in mind. It’s a celebration of life!

“Tail” – SUNMI
The sensuality existing in every detail of the single “Tail” by the ex-member of Wonder Girls captivated everyone. The freedom and maturity developed throughout the song’s performance are what make SUNMI sound absurdly addictive.

In the song, the soloist reveals her diverse talents to the world when the subject is musical plurality, which she, like no one else, knows very well how to evoke.

An attractive and seductive pinch of the artist and her eloquent voice make “Tail” a unique and tasty track that explores her magnetism and feminine power.

“Unnatural” – WJSN

Released on the EP of the same name, “Unnatural” is like the meaning of its literal translation in Portuguese. An air of “unnatural” as it moves away from its already traditional upbeat and fantastic pop and into a more mature vibe with clear and clean vocals. Soon, the K-pop girl group highlights strong contrasts in the single, which mark a distinct and tasty sound not yet seen in their discography.

Now it’s your turn! For you, what was the best track in the South Korean music genre released so far? Vote!

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