‘Girls Planet 999’ Who will be the top 9 in the final debut group? 1st preview video released

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The first preview video of Mnet’s ‘Girls Planet 999: Girls’ War’ (in the future ‘Girls Planet 999′)’ has been released.

On July 29, at Mnet’s ‘M Countdown,’ the full version of the signal song ‘OOO (Over&Over&Over, O.O.O)’ was performed with 99 participants of ‘Girls Planet 999’.

In the 99-person version of the signal song stage, the performances of the participants and the visual beauty that contained the worldview and the overwhelming scale of the stage stood out. Not only that, but after each group decorates a stage, it changes to an outdoor setting and creates a formation in perfect order.

The performance that takes place all looking at the same home again is connected with the same dream in ‘Girl’s Planet .’ The program is meaningfully turned out.

In the preview video, 99 girls from K, C, and J groups from the Korean, Chinese, and Japanese cultures joined the ‘Girls Planet’ with excitement towards their dream of becoming a global K-pop girl group. The participants who entered ‘Girls Planet’ showed off their stage, showed off their high-level skills, and cheered the Master Corps and other participants.

In this process, the 99 participants who met for the first time expressed their feelings such as “K-pop belongs to our K group,” “‘ This is the pride of group J,” and “the visual and physical appearance of group C stands out” and explored each other. It started. In particular, groups with different personalities, such as creating a strange tension in the participant’s provocative remarks, “I will conquer 99 girls,” heated the atmosphere and raised expectations for the program.

After a while, the contestants were surprised when they heard the rule that a combination of three of the participants in groups K, C, and J would either pass or fail together. The participants, who became a community rather than a confrontation between each group, must show harmony and the best teamwork to carry out their mission and survive successfully. What kind of result will this rule bring to the 99 participants?

While the number of final debut group members who will stand on the global stage as a K-pop girl group is revealed to be 9, it is drawing the attention of international viewers by announcing that the participants’ challenge for the TOP9 begins. Aired on August 6 at 8:20 PM. (Photo=Mnet)

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