Write ‘ASTRO’ and read ‘Summer King.’ ‘After Midnight’ MV teaser open

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The global boy group ASTRO heralded an upgraded refreshment.

The second of the title song ‘After Midnight’ of the 8th mini-album ‘SWITCH ON’ through ASTRO’s (MJ, Jinjin, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky, Yoon Sanha) official SNS channel at Midnight on the 30th. A music video teaser video has been released.

In the released video, ASTRO shows off the adult freshness that only ASTRO has with a more profound visual. At the same time, the colorful background gives a feeling of being in a fantasy world, making it impossible to take your eyes off it.

The video, which started with the ASTRO members freely enjoying the sea, caught the eye with performances featuring ‘separately and together from the pair choreography on the gorgeous stage to the group choreography. Then, in the second half of the video, with the scene of pressing the switch button, it is expected that Summer King Astro’s refreshing charm will begin in earnest this summer, raising expectations.

In particular, the perfect chemistry between members in a playful and comfortable mood, from Astro’s exciting dance party with fantastic melodies, captivates the eyes and ears of viewers and induces domestic and foreign K-pop fans.

Previously, ASTRO stimulated curiosity about the new song by announcing the return of the great idol through the first teaser video. This second video is expected to capture the hearts of global fans by foretelling the best music and performance.

ASTRO, who has tried various challenges based on coolness, presents ASTRO’s unique vacation to blow away the heat this summer with this album ‘SWITCH ON’.

Meanwhile, ASTRO’s 8th mini album title song, ‘After Midnight, will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on August 2.

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