‘Queendom 2’ woman power Again, the power of competition and friendship!

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Mnet Idol contest program ‘Queendom 2’ continues the popularity of ‘Woman Power’. Since last year, it has been attracting attention from broadcasters, showing the power of colourful content led by female performers. Girl groups with strong personalities, such as Hyorin from SISTAR and Kepler 4 months after their debut, compete in good faith and become a hot topic in the process of solidarity.

‘Queendom 2’ features six K-pop idol teams releasing singles at the same time each day and competing for a comeback. Hyorin, Brave Girls, Cosmic Girls, B.V.G, Loona, and Kepler appear on stage. All of them are popular groups ranked number 1 on music shows.

It aired for the first time on the 31st of last month, and although it is still in its infancy, it is rapidly raising the topic. On the 11th, CJ ENM’s Content Influence Index (CPI) ranked first in the ‘Entertainment Top 50’ in the 5th week of March (28th to 3rd April). It is ranked 3rd on the charts for all dramas and entertainment shows. On YouTube, videos that reconstruct the stage of popular songs from the past are popular. Hyorin’s ‘Touch My Body’ and BBG’s ‘Running Through Time’ videos have surpassed 5 million views.

The production team is receiving favourable reviews for melting the image of girl groups who do not lose their will to work despite crises. After the 6-member GFRIEND disbanded in May of last year, BBBG, a group of Eunha, SinB, and Umji, showed their affection for the former team on the stage. Singer Hyuna and her colleagues also sent their feelings and support through SNS, saying, “It was touching.”

Viewers are paying attention to their harmony rather than their competition. Scenes of senior and junior groups and members such as Hyorin and her youngest Kepler, her real-life friends, BBBG SinB and universe girl Eunseo, forming friendships with each other continue to be shared on social media platforms.

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