Meet the ‘KIF Fandom Space’ before the ‘2022 KIF KPOP Idol Festival festival

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The ‘2022 KIF KPOP Idol Festival’, which will be held on an enormous scale ever, will begin its spectacular opening in Songdo International City for three days and two nights from September 16th.

Before that, a space where you can meet the event in advance will be held at the ‘KIF Fandom Space’ in Gangnam-gu, Seoul. The ‘2022 KIF KPOP Idol Festival’ is a space exclusively for fans who love idols and is facing the opening day with much anticipation and torchlight.

In ‘KIF Fandom Space,’ you can search for information related to the event in advance before the ‘2022 KIF KPOP Idol Festival event date and support your favorite singer.

Compared to the current high status of K-Pop, there has never been a free space for fans to support, but the first ‘KIF Fandom Space’ is expected to open a window to resolve the fandom’s dissatisfaction.

The ‘KIF Fandom Space,’ which will captivate the fun and interest of fans with various free experiences, including drink provision, is said to be designed so that any K-pop-loving idol fan can visit and taste and enjoy multiple services.

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