‘Hand heart’ holding a photo card Are K-Pop Fans the Leading Role in the Presidential Election?

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An analysis showed that 35-year-old Gabriel Boric, who was elected Chile’s new president, enjoyed the K-pop effect in the election.

The first search term is ‘K-Pop and the President of Chile.’

Gabriel Boric, who is about to take office as Chile’s youngest president, holds a photo card of the Korean group Twice’s Jeongyeon.

He even made a Korean-style finger heart, and Borich, who won with close to 56% of the votes, was a millennial born in 1986 and received a lot of support from young people.

K-pop fans who actively use social media have been empowered by creating a composite image of K-pop stars and Borich.

More than 1,600 articles were posted on the SNS account called ‘K-pop fans who support Borich in less than a month.’ It has established itself as a new type of election campaign.

Borich also responded to the support of K-pop fans by uploading a thank you videoed with a Black Pink song as the background sound a while ago.

Netizens commented, “I think K-pop fans from each country can unite the world!”, “Hallyu is more amazing than I thought. I want to capture the hearts of K-pop fans too.”

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