Hanteo Chart ‘Stray Kids, the social index rose surprisingly in the first half of this year.’

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On the 27th, JYP Entertainment announced, “According to the ‘Hanteo Global K-Pop Report’ recently released by Hanteo Chart, Stray Kids was selected as the number one artist within four years of debut, which recorded the highest social index rise in the first half of this year.” He continued, “On Instagram alone, it showed an increase of more than 3.34 million followers, and as of the afternoon of the 26th, it has 14.7 million followers.”

Stray Kids also ranked 7th on Hanteo Chart’s global index ranking in the first half of 2021 based on the number of album purchases and certifications by fans in 119 regions worldwide. Although they did not release an actual album in the first half of this year, their name rose to the top, boasting worldwide fandom and solid popularity.

Previously, on the 6th, the digital single ‘Mixtape: Ae’ released on June 26, proved its popularity by taking the top spot on the US Billboard ‘World Digital Song Sales Chart.’

On the 22nd, Stray Kids posted the trailer video for their 2nd regular album, ‘NOEASY’ on the official SNS channel and heralded a comeback in the music industry after about 11 months. Before this, the members released their content, ‘SKZ SONG CAMP Howl in Harmony’ (after this referred to as ‘Skiz Song Camp’), which contains creating a song by dividing the team and presenting various charms. ‘Skids Song Camp’ has been entertaining fans with content that can only be found in Stray Kids, who have boosted their production ability by recording songs written and composed by themselves in every album since their debut.

Meanwhile, Stray Kids will release their 2nd regular album, ‘NOEASY’ on August 23 and add firepower to their global popularity. The title song ‘God Menu’ (New Menu) of the 1st full-length album ‘GO生’ was released last year, and the title song ‘Back Door’ of the 1st regular repackage album ‘IN生’ (Life), etc. Those who have established a robust musical color are determined to put a wedge into the team’s identity through a new album and prove the actual value of the next-generation K-pop representative group. In particular, it is expected to be the first album to be released after winning Mnet’s ‘Kingdom: Legendary War,’ which ended in June.

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