Idol group TRENDZ captured the hearts of domestic and foreign fans with their mature charisma

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Trend magazine (Habit, Leon, Yunwoo, Korea, Rael, Eunil, Yechan) released their second mini-album ‘BLUE SET Chapter 2. CHOICE (Blue Set)’ on Arirang TV’s ‘Simply K-Pop Contour (Vietnam),’ which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 13th. Chapter 2. Choice)’ title song ‘WHO 吼’ staged.

Trend magazine left a strong impression on global fans with the stage where the jacket styling that reveals the individuality and the colorful lighting of red color harmonize. In addition, with a charismatic expression and mature beauty, the color of the trend was exposed to the fullest.

From the intro with member Leon raised, to the pair choreography just before the highlight, to the point choreography ‘wolf dance’ that expresses the appearance of a wolf with fangs exposed, it has proven that it is an ‘idol performance strongest’ with fresh performances that show a sharp atmosphere.

Trend Magazine’s second mini-album ‘BLUE SET Chapter 2. CHOICE’ is a new album released about six months after the debut album ‘BLUE SET Chapter 1. TRACKS’. This album is the successor of ‘BLUE SET.’

The title song ‘WHO [吼]’ contains the dual meaning of expressing the question ‘WHO?’ for the answer at the end of the crossroads and the Chinese character ‘After crying (吼)’ for inner confusion.

Trend magazine, which rose to the top performer by dominating ‘Simply K-Pop’ with a vital stage, continues its activities with various music broadcasts and content.

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