‘DAY6’ Solo Debut The growth period of a talented band in the 7th year

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It is growing into a talented band, not an idol band. Members of the 7-year band ‘DAY6’ are making their solo debuts one after another.

In September of last year, Day6 members’ Young K’ and ‘Dowoon’ debuted as soloists one after another, and on the 7th, ‘Wonpil’ stood alone as a soloist. Of the four members, except the leader Seong-jin, all have released official albums full of individual musical talents.

Young K released their first mini-album, ‘Eternal’ on September 6. ‘Eternal’ is an album that Young K, who debuted as Day6 in September 2015, has accumulated music one by one over the past six years. Young K said, “I had a big idea of ​​’Let’s do the best we can'” and “I focused on putting the best I could in the album.” He continued, “I tried my best to create songs that go well with my hands and my heart.”

Down released his first digital single, ‘Suddenly’ at 6 pm on September 27 last year and released the music video for the title song ‘Duet with Song Heejin’. The first solo song, ‘Suddenly’, is an indie-pop genre with a shuffle rhythm, characterized by various sound changes in rock, swing, and jazz styles. Down said, “As I participated in writing and composing the lyrics myself, I paid a lot of attention to whether what I originally intended, such as the melody and the meaning of the lyrics, was going well. It was a valuable time for me to learn.”

Wonpil released his first full-length solo album ‘Filmography’ on the 7th. He wrote lyrics for all ten songs, including the title song ‘Goodbye’, ‘Erase’, ‘Becoming a writer in a novel’, and ‘Shall we walk more’, and filled the album with his voice. Wonpil said, “The music I do as a band Day6 is my favourite. This solo album was made by putting a spoonful of my music colour in it.”

Sungjin also shows off her talent in writing lyrics, composing, vocals, and playing the guitar. He was deeply involved in the overall DAY6 album by writing the songs for the chorus of ‘I’m not kidding’ in the mini-album ‘Sunrise’ released in 2017.

Day Six.
Day6 was the first band to debut under JYP. The group name was given by Park Jin-young, the agency’s president. In September 2015, they debuted with the first mini-album, ‘The Day’, which contained the title song ‘Congratulations’. There is only one vocalist in general band composition, but on Day6, all members are in charge of vocals with instruments. Even if the member who is in the instrumental position sings a song, they only participate in one or two short words, but in Day6, except for the drummer Dowoon, the members take turns taking the chorus and ad-libs. The main vocal is different for each song.

DAY6’s 2nd mini-album, ‘DAYDREAM’, released in 2016, was ranked 2nd in ‘2016 Billboard K-Pop Album Critical Choice’ and was internationally recognized for its musicality. The first place at the time was BTS’ ‘Wings’. In 2017, Day6 held a concert by releasing two songs every month through the ‘Every Day6’ project from January to November. Their first full album ‘Sunrise’ consists of songs released until May, the first half of the Every Day6 project. The album peaked at number 14 on Billboard’s 25 Greatest K-Pop Albums of the 2010s.

After making its official debut in Japan in 2018, Day6 gradually expanded its popularity in all directions. A total of 27 mini, unit and regular albums have been released so far, including the 6th mini-album ‘The Book of Us: The Demon’ in 2020 and the 7th mini-album ‘The Book of Us: Negentropy – Chaos swallowed up in love’ in 2021. It has proven its variety of genres, musicality, and popularity.

Except for Wonpil, who is currently working as a solo artist, the three members fulfil their military duties, such as KATUSA Soldiers and Army Band. Wonpil said that this military hiatus would be a source of nourishment for Day6’s music, suggesting that this military hiatus would be nourishing for Day6’s music, saying, “A good painting is said to be a work of art when it has adequate space rather than filling it tightly.”. A young four-member band composed of those born from 1993 to 1995 is expected to receive more attention in the future.

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