Blip ranked first in the Google support program ‘I will help overseas fans with K-Pop virtue.’

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Space Audi, a startup specializing in music, announced on the 29th that its app service ‘Duckmate, Blip in my hand’ had been selected as the first place in the third phase of the 2021 ‘window program’ supported by Google Play and the Ministry of SMEs and Startups a year after its launch.

‘Duckmate in my hand, Blip’ is an app service that was born to solve the common inconvenience that fans worldwide experience while doing virtue in the mobile era. Released in June last year, Blip currently has 250,000 downloads. It is an era in which access to information on K-pop artists has become more accessible, but rather, it is difficult to know what to do first, and it is a service that is designed with a UX from the fan’s point of view to make it easier and more convenient.

Blip provides various information about popular artists, such as real-time news of favorite artists, schedules by category, real-time chart rankings, and music video views. It is word of mouth among global K-pop fans, and 34% of the total users are overseas fans from Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, the United States, and Malaysia. English and Japanese services are provided. Blip does not stop at just a utility app service but continues to expand its fandom culture through ‘Blip Duck Kit’ and ‘trowel contest’ and is supported by solid core fans.

Space Audi is already recognized for its expertise in the fields of ‘fandom’ and ‘data’ and is a ‘fandom data observer’ that allows you to view the size and change of the fandom for each platform of 641 domestic K-pop artists in the form of rankings and stock graphs. K-Pop Radar’ was released in 2019.

The ‘Kpop World Map,’ where you can see the topographical map of the K-pop fandom at a glance, became a hot topic, and last year, the ‘#KpopTwitter 2020 World Map’ showing the ‘K-Pop 10-Year Growth Graph’ was released to the world through Twitter and an official partner. Disclosed.

The ‘window program,’ in which Blip was selected as the number one, is a program that supports domestic app and game developers’ content advancement and overseas market entry from 2019 by Google Play and the Ministry of Small and Medium Business Ventures, and a total of 80 developers will be selected.

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups provides commercialization funds. Google Play offers various growth support packages such as app/game quality improvement, global expansion and marketing, and monetization strategy consulting.

Kim Hong-ki, CEO of Space Audi, said, “It is a great honor to be selected as the first place in the ‘window program’ that many startups that provide Korean app and game services are most envious. I will become a fan of this K-pop and contribute to become a great force in accelerating the K-pop industry.”

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