‘J-G Star’ Linu·Yeji Hayubi ‘May this year be filled with only better things.’

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”J-G Star’Star’ Linu·Yeji→Hayubi “May this year be filled with only better things.”

Artists belonging to J-G Star delivered their New Year’sYear’s greetings to 2022.

Linu, Yeji, Yoon Seo-ryeong, MC Haru, Kim Kyung-Hyeon, Kim Hee-jin, and Ha Yu-bi released their Lunar New Year greetings on the official YouTube channel the 31st of last month, bringing warmth with warm messages.

The released video showed greetings to fans according to their individuality. In particular, Yoon Seo-ryeong, Kim Hee-jin, Linu, MC Haru, and Kim Kyung-Hyun showed off their beautiful hanboks, attracting attention.

Yeji, the icon of intensity, said, “The Lunar New Year 2022 is already approaching. Last year was a lot of work, and I hope this year will be filled with only better things. I hope you wear a mask tightly and spend a warm New Year’sYear’s Day with your family,” she said with sincere concerns and greetings. Seo-ryeong Yoon and Hee-jin Kim, who are coloring the trotting world with their freshness, showed off their bright energy with cute tiger poses, saying, “I hope only happy things happen” and “Everyone is healthy and happy.”

Ha Yu-bi, who recently showed infinite growth potential in ”Hello Trot”, said, “Happy New Year 2022, be healthy and happy.” I hope that there will be an opportunity to greet you more in front of you, and I hope that you will always be healthy and happy until we meet.”

MC Haru, who is performing brilliantly in various showcases and events of K-pop idols, said, “Have you set all your wishes and goals for this year? Promotion? Solo Escape? Lottery ticket? Let me give you a hint. 3 and 13 this year are perfect numbers for those who want to win the lottery. Everyone has good luck with the tiger energy.”

Lastly, Kim Kyung-Hyun, who announced the release of the code and collaboration soundtrack, said, “Why don’t you try to be a leader in everything you plan and aim for this year? Don’tDon’t get tired, done don’t worry. We can overcome anything,” he said, not forgetting his hopeful message.

Linu, Yeji, Yoon Seo-ryeong, MCs Haru, Kim Kyung-Hyun, Kim Hee-jin, and Ha Yu-bi brought new joy to fans with various New Year’sYear’s greetings, will continue their various broadcasting activities, including official YouTube and SNS channels.

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