‘K-pop’, fresh material in the Hollywood movie-making boom

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K-pop is attracting attention as a new subject in Hollywood. Recently, K-Pop and K-Pop stars have been planning and producing films one after another. The fact that Hollywood’sHollywood’s eyes, which can be said to be the most popular and largest’ largest’ movie factory” in the world, are turning towards K-pop, speaks of the global status that K-pop has built.

According to foreign media reports such as The Hollywood Reporter recently, OTT (Online Video Streaming Service) Netflix produces romantic comedy films depicting the love of a K-pop star. Korean-American author Maureen Koo’sKoo’s 2019 novel ”Somewhere Only We Know” will be made into a movie. The novel depicts the love story of a K-pop top star, Lucky, who has a world hit song called ”Heartbeat”, and a photojournalist for tabloid media in Hong Kong.

Actor Rebel Wilson, who is familiar with Hollywood movies such as ”The Hustle” and ”Somehow Romance”, will make his directorial debut with ”Seoul Girls’Girls’, a movie based on K-pop. It is a comedy film that depicts the unfortunate events that Korean-American high school girls and their friends go through while participating in an audition to select singers to be on the opening stage of a world-class K-pop group. Rebel Wilson recently announced this through his SNS and posted the word ”girl group” with a picture of the four girls from behind.

Before this, Sony Pictures, a leading studio in Hollywood, also announced the news of an animation production featuring a K-pop girl group as the main character in March of this year. As the title suggests, ”K-Pop: Demon Hunters’Hunters’ tells the story of a K-pop girl group fighting against a horde of evil.

This new Hollywood perspective is a trend that relies on the global status of K-Pop, which has been built thanks to the performances of stars such as BTS, Black Pink, EXO, and TWICE. Instead of real K-pop stars appearing as actors, it is expected that Korean-American production staff will participate and include elements related to Korean culture and music. ”Somewhere Only We Know” will be produced by Korean-American Lana Cho, who led the American drama of the movie ”Four Weddings and a Funeral”. ”K-Pop: Demon Hunters” will also be produced by Korean-American Maggie Kang from Sony Pictures. Megi Kang, a K-pop fan, told Variety, an American film magazine, that her work is “a love letter to K-pop and Korea, my roots.

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