‘Dark Family Warabi-san’ is now available on 7/6! Naked round-table talk video

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SHOWROOM and indi will start exclusive distribution of the smash—original animation series “Dark Family Warabi-san” produced by both companies from July 6 (Tuesday). To commemorate the start of distribution, we released a making-of video showing the backside of the recording, and a roundtable talk video by screenwriter Takeshi Takemura, performers Takayuki Yamada, Suzuko Mimori, and SHOWROOM president Yuji Maeda.

“Dark Family Warabi-san” is a smash.’S first original animation since the service started on October 22, 2020. series. Episodes 1 and 2 will be delivered on Tuesday, July 6, and new episodes will be released on smash. Every Tuesday after that. Out of all 20 episodes, episodes 1 to 13 will be delivered completely free of charge.

Takeshi Takemura is in order of the script, Takayuki Yamada, Suzuko Mimori, Natsuki HanaeThis work, in which they appear as voice actors, is not a good old Japanese family, but growth and reflection, with the theme of “a wasteful use of a gorgeous cast” ⁉︎ “lovable idiot” and “human duality.” It’s a new kind of black comedy anime that bitterly depicts a stupid but undateable family. Former gravure idol, Warabi (CV: Suzuko Mimori), the main character who spends a lot of money on beauty shaping without telling his family, and Warabi’s husband, a former TV station employee, and a wife named Warabi, if there is a chance Sugio (CV: Takayuki Yamada) who wants to meet a girl, Warabi’s younger brother, annoying YouTuber Takeo (CV: Natsuki Hanae) who specializes in burning videos, Warabi’s younger sister, and a mild Yankee-like boyfriend Nameko (CV: Rumi Okubo), a high school girl who is about to start, Fuki (CV: Eiko Masuyama), who is a mother of Warabi and has no eyes on fashionable things, and who line up anyway when she finds a line Hayashihira (CV: Tetsuaki Genda), the eldest son of Warabi and Sugio, and Kuri (CV: Reina Ueda), the only common sense in the family, live as a member of the family.

The family of seven people generously exposes their dark side, does not grow, does not reflect, and lives in a small house in Tokyo with plenty of black humor. In commemoration of the release of this work, a roundtable discussion full of naked talks, such as the making video approaching the backside of the recording, the background of the birth of this work revealed by the script, Takemura, and the episode that the performers are most worried about delivery The video is released.

Takemura says that it was about eight years ago that he came up with the idea during the roundtable discussion. I wanted to realize it for a long time, but many people gave me a sign.

Meanwhile, he co-starred with SHOWROOM Maeda on a radio program, smash. To proceed with this project. Takemura says that hit content is hidden in mass content. The main characters in the mass content that everyone knows are all clean, brave, and heroines and heroes who save the pinch. However, we humans all have a “dark side,” the so-called dark side. I think it’s okay for the heroines and heroes of the anime to expose that side generously ⁉︎ It would be interesting to have such an anime ⁉︎ That’s why this work, “Dark Family Warabi-san,” was born. That’s right. Takemura replied, “Tell me about your petite darkness” at the roundtable discussion, “The part that adults desperately want to open the lid of the odorous thing.” It is precisely this work that the “dark” part of Takemura is still included. Takemura replied “all” to the question, “What is the most worrisome episode on the air?” At the roundtable discussion. “I wrote that everything is okay, but there are quite a few corrections in the process of reaching the voice actors,” he said in a back episode. For example, in the appearance of “stocking sumo,” there is a shocking fact that even the cast members do not know that it was not stocking sumo but nipple sumo. Everyone is surprised that a meeting is being held in a place that neither Takemura, the cast members, nor even Maeda know whether it can be delivered or not. Subsequently, Yamada and Mimori mentioned the episode “Takayuki Yamada, arrested” in episode 2. “There aren’t many entertainers who are so convinced that they have been arrested,” said Takemura. At the same time, Yamada replied, “But he’s a boring man who has nothing (to be arrested).” It invites the laughter of the place.

The two shocking episodes, “Takayuki Yamada, Arrested,” will be available on Tuesday, July 6. In addition, some of the videos of this roundtable discussion are a work, smash. You can watch it for free. Please check this out, along with the main anime. (C) 2021 “Bracken-san” project

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