K-pop ‘Occupation of Japan’

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K-pop representatives are breaking new records every day in Japan. In addition to the global group BTS, which has taken over the US Billboard, SHINee, Twice, Black Pink, and Tomorrow X Together are marching high.

Twice released their third full-length album ‘Perfect World’ in Japan on the 28th of last month and ranked first on the Oricon Daily Album Chart from this day to the 31st. As of the 9th, it has gone down two steps to 3rd place (counted until the 7th), but it is still gaining high popularity.

The album contains original Japanese songs such as ‘Better,’ ‘Kurakura,’ and ‘Promises,’ and the title song of the same name. The title song is a fast-tempo dance song with the message that it will stand up to shaky situations without being shaken. Immediately after the pre-release on June 30, it climbed to the top of local music charts such as Line Music, predicting a box office hit.

Along with Twice, BLACKPINK considered one of the two major mountain ranges of K-pop girl groups, also occupied the Oricon charts with their Japanese albums. The Japanese version of the 1st full-length album, ‘THE ALBUM’ released on the 3rd, took first place on the Oricon Daily Album Chart on the first day. As of the 7th, it fell only one place to 2nd place, but it still maintains 1st place in Apple Music’s Top Albums chart, another chart. Blackpink sang the songs from their first regular album, released in October last year, in Japanese.

SHINee is sweeping various charts shoulder to shoulder with BTS locally. On the 28th of last month, the new mini-album ‘SUPERSTAR’ took the top spot in the weekly charts following the Oricon daily chart, indicating that it is in good health. Except for the youngest Taemin, the only news that those who have completed ‘Baekgi’ will release a new album after a long time has drawn attention.

As of the 9th, ‘Superstar’ is No. 1 on the Oricon weekly album chart. It was the fourth top of the chart, and from 2014 to 2018, the 3rd and 4th albums and best albums were ranked first. ‘Superstar’ is SHINee’s first Japanese mini-album, the title track of the same name, new songs such as ‘Closer and ‘Seasons,’ the Japanese version of the 7th album title song ‘Don’t Call Me,’ and the 7th regular album repackage title. It contains five songs, including the song ‘Atlantis.’

The popularity of BTS cannot be overstated. Japan’s best album, ‘BTS, The Best’ released in June, was certified by the local record association for the first million (accumulated shipments of more than 1 million copies) of the year. BTS is the only one that the Japan Records Association awarded the Million Certificate this year. It is also the first time that they have received a million certifications as an album.

Following that, they swept the Oricon streaming charts for four weeks in a row with ‘Permission to Dance’ and ‘Butter.’ ‘Permission to Dance’ was streamed 1317 times from the 26th to the 1st of last month and climbed to the top of the weekly chart, with ‘Butter’ taking second place.

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