Cheongju-Jeju-Niigata youths unite with K-pop cover dance.

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The ‘2021 East Asian Culture City Youth Cultural Exchange Project’, which started in earnest on the 27th of last month (Tuesday) with ‘On-Tact Culture Yum,’ a video cultural exchange using an online platform, will become one with dance this time.

The Cheongju Cultural Industry Promotion Foundation (C.E.O. Park Sang-eon, hereafter referred to as the Cheongju Cultural Foundation) announced on the 4th (Thursday) that it had held a pre-exchange session for the ‘2021 East Asian Culture City Youth Cultural Exchange Project – The Charm of K-Pop’.

‘The Charm of K-Pop,’ held for the first time this year, is a cover dance video exchange program that connects East Asian cultural cities through dance beyond language. The city of Jeju Island in Korea is with us.

In Cheongju, 12 youths from Osong High School’s dance team ‘Hwarang,’ in Jeju, four from Jeju Hallim Technical High School, Jeju Namnyeong High School, and Jeju High School, and 10 Bandaigo from Niigata.

At the pre-exchange meeting, dance teams from three cities met for the first time on an online platform to greet each other and had time to freely ask and answer questions about each other’s towns and selected cover dance songs. Although it was a LAN exchange meeting, they showed a part of the cover dance and exchanged enthusiastic responses and support like teenagers who like dancing.

Cheongju youth selected ITZY’s ‘M.P.A.’ and NCT DREAM’s ‘Hot Sauce’ as cover dance songs, while Jeju participants performed WINNER’s ‘Island’ and B.T.S.’ ‘Butter.’ It will capture the charm of K-pop that has captured the world.

Niigata participants selected two J-pop songs: Nogizaka46’s ‘Synchronicity’ and Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ ‘RYUSEI.’

Cheongju is participating team Osonggo’ Hwarang’, who is practicing hard even in hot weather for the video shoot at the end of this month, selected the Cultural Manufacturing Window, Mangseonru (Central Park), the old Cheongju History Exhibition Center, the Ancient Printing Museum, and Muni Cultural Complex as the stage for the cover dance. We plan to show the beauty of Cheongju’s history, culture, and landscapes through dance.

Osonggo’s ‘Hwarang’ team, who finished the pre-interaction meeting on the day, said, “Even though it was online, it was nice to meet friends from Jeju and Niigata, and I felt that we could become one through the common language of dance.” As it is a time to convey history and culture, I will practice harder to complete a wonderful video.”

On the other hand, the cover dance video of ‘Hwarang,’ filmed in late August, will be released in September. In October, Jeju Island integrated and edited the cover dance videos of three cities and connected to 60 cities worldwide, including the Jeju Tourism Organization YouTube channel. Broadcast through the platform.

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