Mkonhyup, ‘The interview with the Director of the Military Manpower Administration ignores the contribution of the K-pop industry to the country.’

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The Korea Music Contents Association, a corporation established to promote the development of the K-pop industry, recently refuted the interview with the Military Manpower Administration.

In an interview with a media outlet reported on the 12th, Director Jeong Seok-hwan of the Military Manpower Administration stated, “The postponement of enlistment for outstanding pop culture artists was decided to consider the contribution to the national interest and equity in the fields of fine arts and sports.”

said In response, the Mkon Association said, “Even though BTS has created an economic effect of 1.7 trillion won and employment effect of 8,000 people, it is only subject to postponement of enlistment. , I want to ask if you think this is right for equity.”

Also, during an interview with the Director of the Military Manpower Administration, “The reason why we selected the recipients of orders and medals was that we thought it was important to establish high-level objective standards to minimize controversy over preferential treatment and to form a national consensus.” He also criticized the statement.

Currently, there are 28 international music contests recognized by the Military Manpower Administration, and anyone can participate as an individual regardless of nationality or national recommendation.

It also includes international competitions hosted by specific private organizations or domestically. Nevertheless, the recipient will receive military service benefits as a result of the promotion of national prestige.
According to this, it is not unreasonable to say that the popular music industry is particularly neglected by the Military Manpower Administration’s judgment of objectivity and equity.

While fine art is recognized for its achievements in art, popular culture does not recognize achievements in that field. Still, it demands a double standard that students must be recipients of disciplines and medals reflecting 15 years of work experience.

The Mkon Association added, “As a result of analyzing the comments on articles related to BTS exemption from military service, it is highly suggestive that the majority of men are in favor of it rather than against it, and that the majority of men have completed military service even considering their gender and age.”

“Even the Ministry of National Defense and the Military Manpower Administration never listened to the industry’s opinions when enacting the standards for postponement of military service for pop culture artists,” he said. Emphasized.

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