Consulate General of Milan to hold qualifiers for ‘K-Pop World Festival’ in Italy

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The Consulate General of Milan in Milan announced on the 3rd (local time) that they held the Italian regional qualifiers for the ‘2021 K-pop World Festival’ at the Elpo Puccini Theater in Milan.

In this event, attended by 250 local Hallyu fans, 15 teams (11 dance teams, four vocal teams) passed the preliminary examination. Out of 25 application teams participated and showed off the skills they had been honing.

The winning and runner-up teams in the dance division are eligible to participate in the global audition for the final stage in Korea in October.

As the second part of the event, the ‘Korean Culture Golden Bell’ was held, which was a quiz on all aspects of Korean culture, including K-pop, Korean food, and major tourist destinations, and received a great response.

A side event was also held to introduce significant tourist attractions such as Seoul, Busan, and Jeju with photos and promote Dokdo’s territorial sovereignty and the legitimacy of the name of the East Sea.

This event was held offline for the first time in two years due to the local COVID-19 situation, which improved significantly, so the heat was even hotter.

It also means that it is the first cultural event held offline since the COVID-19 crisis in February last year.

In his congratulatory speech, Kang Hyung-sik, Consul-General of Milan, said, “Culture is an important medium that promotes understanding and strengthens friendship between the two peoples. gone,” he said.

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