Lee Chan-won’s ‘Anarchy’ 1 million views Authentic trot is also Chanto

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Singer Lee Chan-won’s emotional stage video of ‘Anarchy’ proved impressive by achieving a million views.

Lee Chan-won’s ‘Anarchy’ video, released on the YouTube channel ‘KBS Legend K-Pop’ on May 7, exceeded 1 million views on November 25.

The video contains the stage of ‘Anarchy’ performed by Lee Chan-won in KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song 2 Singing the Legend’.

Lee Chan-won, who usually sang traditional blues trot trots such as “Three Hundred Seconds,” presented an intense stage with “Anarchy.”

Fans praised the song, such as “an authentic trot that touches the heart,” “dark and deep bass sound,” and “the sensibility of breaking through frontally is so good.”

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