‘Simply K-Pop’ Nada, Mara-flavored sexy queen ‘explodes charm.’

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Nada appeared on arirangTV’s ‘Simply K-POP’, which was broadcast on the 20th, and decorated the stage for the new song ‘Spicy,’ boasting intense rapping and high-quality performance.

Above all, the ‘spicy taste performance’ implied from the song’s title was the highlight, and he exuded an irreplaceable charm with excellent choreography digestibility.

In particular, the sexy twerking choreography, alluring facial expressions, and charismatic stage manners added perfection.

In addition, Nada showed her side as a sexy queen by matching white fishnet stockings to a gorgeous outfit designed with shiny sequins and chains.

On the other hand, Nada’s new song, ‘Spicy,’ is a song that harmonizes a dreamy synth lead theme on a powerful drum beat and repetitive deep bass, and Nada participated in writing the lyrics and became a hot topic.

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