K-Pop Citizen signs MOU with Aladdin ‘Expand the world view.’

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K-Pop CTzen, a ‘global NTF project’ led by Rowoon Labs, is expanding its worldview in partnership with Aladdin.

Rowoon Labs and Aladdin recently signed an MOU and started building a new trend in the NFT market. As the first button of the business agreement, Aladdin was held to utilize the persona concept of K-Pop Citizen PFP. Through secondary writing, it can be developed into Aladdin’s IP. This means we have laid the foundation for content diversification to gain sympathy from users in the web3 and web4 markets.

Rowoon Labs’ KPOP CTzen is Korea’s first large-scale global project based on the Ethereum main net. As the top experts in K-Pop, Metaverse, and NFT gather, it is getting a hot response. Here, starting with the business agreement with Aladdin, large IPs and partnerships are drawing a sketch that will expand into infinite K-culture.

“This agreement is significant because it starts and expands a new collection for the K-POP CTzen project,” said Choi Yun-Seok, CEO of Rowoon Labs. “Please look forward to the process of creating a new trend through collaboration between Rowoon Labs and Aladdin.”.

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