Legendary trainee’ Girls’ Generation’s Yoona recalls her trainee days.

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Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and Yoona will appear as the last guests of Season 1’s web entertainment ‘Legendary Trainee,’ which has become ‘trust and watch’ idol content.

As soon as the program concept was released, SNSD requested SNSD members to appear in the ‘Legendary Trainee,’ in which Girls’ Generation Sunny transforms into a 15-year trainee ‘Soon-gyu’ and proceeds, was flooded. As if responding to the fans’ wishes, Hyoyeon, active with the new song ‘Second,’ and Yoona, who performed in the movie ‘Miracle,’ appeared together, raising expectations for the broadcast.

Hyoyeon and Yoona, who appeared as seniors in the music industry, drew attention by recreating the choreography of the Girls’ Generation’s debut song ‘Reunited World.’ In addition, Sunny, who had put down her daughter ‘Soon-guy’s for a while, joined, and a meaningful scene was produced in which three Girls’ Generation members danced ‘Reunited World’, and the staff at the scene burst into cheers.

On this day’s recording, Hyoyeon and Yoona showed off their unique idol know-how as members of Girls’ Generation, which is called ‘the textbook of a girl group,’ and made the scene’s atmosphere more pleasant. Hyoyeon showed off her sense of entertainment, saying, “I have to take off my shoes in the practice room” and “I can tell if I am a trainee to debut by looking at my feet.” Then, Yoona provoked laughter by telling Soon-Gyu (Sunny) that she needed a new stage name, “a name that looks like something out of a cartoon” and “Let’s shorten ‘legendary trainee Soon-gyu’ to ‘Jeon Yeon-soon.'”

Also, in ‘Legendary Trainee,’ the behind-the-scenes footage of Girls’ Generation’s trainee days was revealed for the first time. After practice, Hyoyeon and Yoona recalled the memories of having snacks together, saying, “I wore a school uniform and ate hamburgers every day” and “the subway cut off if I ate for too long.” The two continued their conversation while eating their ‘favorite’ hamburger and drinks at the scene. They also boasted of the close friendship and ‘chemistry’ between Girls’ Generation members as they remembered 15 years ago.

Meanwhile, through the balance game in which the fans directly participated, they had time to look back on the past Girls’ Generation stages. In particular, when ‘Catch Me If You Can,’ famous for its intricate choreography during Girls’ Generation’s stage, and ‘Girls’ Generation,’ a song from 2007, were introduced as a problem of balance game, Yoona said, “The stage I want to show fans is ‘Catch Me If You Can’. However, my body is tough,” he said, making it difficult to choose. You can find out what kind of choice Girls’ Generation made and why that choice was through the broadcast.

‘Legendary Trainee’ has been called ‘must-watch entertainment’ among K-pop fans, with many global artists from Super Junior to Girls’ Generation, and received a lot of attention and love. In particular, Sunny, who was in charge of the host, was evaluated as the ‘best idol MC’ who maximizes the charm of guests with a pleasant charm. In the last recording, in line with the world view of ‘legendary trainee,’ he left a cute greeting saying, “I will go back to school and become a trainee,” so viewers are paying attention to what kind of image he will show in the next meeting.

The last episode of Season 1 of ‘Legendary Trainee’ with Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and Yoona will be released on the MBC Plus YouTube channel ‘ALL THE K-POP’ at 6 pm on Wednesday, September 29th. It will be aired on the Lifetime Channel at 6 pm on Sundays and Thursdays.

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