Stay C has captured popularity fandom ten times increase in music score in the first half.

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The group STAY C has proven its unrivaled global growth. According to the Hanteo Global K-Pop Report recently released by Hanteo Chart, the most extensive record sales site in Korea, StayC will record growth in all aspects, including albums and music sources, global fan size, and recognition 2021, securing a stable foundation in the global K-pop market. are doing

With her debut album ‘Star To A Young Culture’ released in 2020, Stay Cranked first in the female rookie category in single album sales, recording over 10,000 copies in the Initial Chodong since its debut. Then, the Initial Chodong sales of the second album, ‘STAYDOM,’ released in April of this year, recorded 55.94% of the total album sales, proving the power of the core fandom that has flowed in since their debut.

In addition, in the digital music sector, the growth rate in the first half of 2021 compared to the second half of 2020 was about ten times, achieving excellent results in terms of popularity. In particular, the point choreography of the title song ‘ASAP,’ ‘Kukkukki Dance,’ became a big topic on social media and portals, reaffirming the rise in public awareness.

Stacy’s growth can also be confirmed in Whosfan’s fandom index and Hanteo Chart’s global chart certification data. The proportion of international fandoms increased from 72% in the second half of last year to 88% this year, and among them, the balance of American fandoms increased by about 1.5%. In addition, it has secured a stable foundation in the global market by proving its strong fandom growth potential in overseas markets such as Japan, France, and the UK.

Stay C, who proved the potential of a ‘fourth generation representative girl group’ by conducting successful activities with the second single title song ‘ASAP’ in the first half of this year, has recently been named ‘Rising Korean Artist 5’ by the US Grammy and ‘Best K as of 2021′ by Time Magazine in the US. -POP’ is proving its global popularity.

Many fans waiting for his comeback are gathering anticipation for StayC, which shows a hot presence among the public through word of mouth.

On the other hand, STAY C is continuing to actively communicate with fans by releasing various content through the official YouTube channel.

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