Let’s meet fan meeting and concert in ‘Metaverse.’

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Stars fly to the metaverse one after another.

This year, K-pop stars such as BTS and Black Pink have met fans worldwide with the metaverse and contents using it, and the related flow is spreading throughout the entertainment industry. Concerts and fan meetings, as well as broadcast programs based on them, will be presented. ‘Metaverse’ combines ‘meta’ meaning ‘virtual transcendence’ and ‘universe’ meaning the real world. It is recognized as a space that fuses the real and virtual worlds through cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality.

Song Eun-i and Kim Sook will broadcast a fan meeting on the 20th at 8:30 pm through the metaverse platform ‘Gather Town.’ This stage, held under the name of ‘2021 Vivo Town Metaverse Year-End Party’, implements the office of Content Lab VIVO, a content production company led by Song Eun-i, as a performance venue. In addition, a virtual camping site will be set up as a space to experience the actual fan meeting stage.

Hip-hop stars such as Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae and Bizzy and Vivi are also heading to the metaverse. On the 27th, they will hold a concert, ‘Level Up’ using the metaverse platform ‘Cryptovoxel.’ Anyone can watch the show for free without any registration or app download, as long as they know the address when connecting.

Personal space, a subsidiary of Galaxy Corporation, an entertainment metaverse company, uses so-called ‘buchas’ such as entertainers’ avatars’ and ‘virtual humans’ to promote the ‘world’s first metaverse avatar show,’ a broadcast program called ‘Era of Bukkake.’ was introduced on the 19th.

As such, the metaverse and various contents that use it as a stage are continuing in various ways in the entertainment industry. In a situation where ‘non-face-to-face’ communication is accepted as the ‘new normal’ due to the spread of infectious diseases, it has emerged as a decisive stage for new entertainment content, especially among young people in their 10s and 30s who are familiar with digital culture. German statistical platform Statista predicted that the ever-growing metaverse market would reach about 329.85 trillion won in 2024.

The brand storyteller group Control, who opened the ‘Level Up’ concert, expressed their will, “We will provide users with a variety of experiences by utilizing various events, and we will establish ourselves as Korea’s representative metaverse concert brand.” Song Eun-Yi said, “It’s a pity that only 50 people are invited because it’s the first metaverse stage I’ve tried.” He plans to fully unveil ‘Gather Town’ from the 21st to the 27th.

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