Treasure is heading straight for the top. Selected as ‘Artist of the Month’ by K-Pop Radar

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Group Treasure, which is enjoying global popularity with ‘JIKJIN’, was selected as ‘Artist of the Month’ by ​​K-Pop Radar.

On the 11th, K-Pop Radar said, “Treasure’s ‘Jikin’ music video surpassed 5 million views in just 7 hours of release and 10 million views in 22 hours.” The radar revealed the reason for being selected as ‘Artist of the Month’.

A source from K-Pop Radar said, “The music video for ‘Jikjin’ reached 48.61 million views in about two weeks after its release. The number of YouTube subscribers also increased by a whopping 320,000 during February.

The actual popularity of Treasure can be seen not only on YouTube and music videos but also on social media. Treasure’s official Instagram followers increased by about 210,000 in February, reaching 4.51 million. The official Twitter account also increased by about 170,000, recording 3.09 million followers in one month.

Not only that, TREASURE ranked first on the K-Pop radar weekly chart right after their comeback last month, and the song ‘JIKJIN (Valentine Ver)’ released through the original live content ‘blah blah’ on the ‘Blip’ YouTube channel. .)’ video has received explosive response, reaching 1.21 million views.

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